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As the wild potential of blockchain technology threatens established institutions more and more. Only genuinely decentralized cryptocurrencies will endure in that scenario. Zoloi was created in response to contract censorship on the Binance Smart Chain, and it has demonstrated its capacity to withstand censorship in the face of overwhelming odds and to carry out the original zoloi goal of unstoppable applications.

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Platform Features


ZOL Consortium

It is an association created by institutions, companies, and individuals from various crypto groups to further the core principles of ZOL, which include decentralization, immutability, and resistance to censorship.

ZOLIO Decentralised

Since it uses the Proof of Work consensus method, neither a middleman nor a centralized authority are required. They are not required for transactions, and smart contracts are self-executing.

ZOL Core

This group is in charge of maintaining the Core-Geth client, the EVM-LLVM backend project, and the infrastructure tooling and specifications for the ZOL project. The group also sees to timely updates and protocol research.

ZOL Labs

This is the ZOL project's financial arm, and its main goals are to get the necessary money and build trusting connections with institutions and organizations to meet the difficulties.

ZOLOI Cooperative

The major goal of this team is to steer ZOL protocol development and guarantee the establishment of a mature ecosystem through quicker ZOL adoption by consumers and commercial organizations, improved stakeholder collaboration, and mature transparency and governance.

GΓΆdel Labs

It is a blockchain venture studio developing decentralized solutions and focusing on Web 3. To introduce decentralized apps, solutions, and products, they worked with ZOL.

The Original ZOLOI

How Safe Is Zoloi?

Quite secure Cryptographic encryption makes every transaction on the ZOLOI blockchain incredibly secure. a result of the design of the Smart Chain blockchain network. It has a large number of nodes that can quickly verify transactions. Instead of the blockchain, the bulk of cyberattacks typically target dApps or smart contracts that have been improperly coded. The upgraded security, which is switching to a Proof of Stake consensus process, won't be present, though.

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Token Distribution

Airdrop & Sale 40%
Locked Liquidity 20%
Staking & Governance 20%
Team (Locked) 10%
Marketing & Bounty 10%

Token Details

Name - Zoloi
Symbol - ZOL
Decimals - 18
Token Supply - 2 Billion

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